Create Your Life Coaching with Life Coach Sandy Mills Certified Points of You Trainer, and Equine Assisted Learning
Create Your Life Coaching with Life Coach Sandy Mills Certified Points of You Trainer, and Equine Assisted Learning

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The "First Workshop in June 2016:

Trust Your Gut, Nurture Your Heart, Train Your Brain

Equine Assisted Learning Training Clinic

With Life Coach Sandy Mills

Our intuition comes from our gut. It’s a feeling we get that sends messages to our brain. When we listen to those messages, we honor a part of us that is very connected.  

Do you ever have that gut feeling that you shouldn’t go somewhere?...or that voice in your head that says “pick that up” ? This is your intuition. This is a sense that can be honed into a skill.

In order to clearly feel the intuitive feelings we need to clear to create. Horses are great teachers in this arena of life.  They sense the underlying feelings that we are hiding, or maybe  we don’t even realize that we have buried these negative or self destructive emotions.Would you like to have a deeper connection with your horse?, your, dog, your sibling, parent, ..friends?...anyone really. It starts with you...clearing to create.

Let’s learn a technique to connect with this part of ourselves and discover what might be creating a block, and enhance the connection that exists in all of us.

Let’s discuss our personal boundaries. This is our first step in developing our intution.

(Arena -boundary exercise and lunging exercise-Who is this in your life?)

These are skills for life that we can use in all our future relationships.

I attended an Equine Assisted Learning clinic with Sandy Mills where, between her and the horses; we were learning about our boundaries. What I experienced made sense to me because Digger kept coming into my space (boundary circle)...when we were supposed to keep the horses out of it. It showed me that I shouldn't be letting people push me around or walk all over me,...and that it's alright to just say "No" sometimes.

Sophia E. (June 2016)

Testimonials from coaching experiences with horses...

...look at myself first to see what I could change, before I could expect my horse to change.

Growing up through the 4-H Light Horse Program, many memories have stuck with me.  4-H has helped shape my life and who I am as a person, but that would not be the case, if it weren’t for one person in particular, Sandy Mills.  After switching to the Carlton Trail 4-H Horse Club in the Jansen, SK. area, I had the privilege to have Sandy as my Light Horse project leader.  Sandy exemplifies the motto “Learn to do by Doing” wholeheartedly, and expects her students to do the same.  She pushed me to do the best that I possibly could, and always encouraged growth, not only in knowledge, but also in character.  She is by far the best coach that I have ever had, and my time spent in the 4-H Program would not have been the same without her.
After working with Sandy for a few years, I not only had a better understanding of horses and how to work on my own riding, but also to prepare for what lies ahead. Sandy trained both me and my horse simultaneously, in a way that I would be able to train another horse, if the same problems arose.  She coached me through many levels of development with two different horses, and because of her support and encouragement, she provided me with the skills to train a horse from scratch, if the opportunity arose.  Not only did I become a much better rider, horsewoman, and trainer, but she also supported character growth throughout the whole process.  Animals are much smarter than we make them out to be, and it is because of this that we must be in tune with ourselves, and have the strength to not overreact, calm down, and stay level-headed until the situation passes over.  I discovered many traits deep down within myself because of the focus of Sandy’s training.  She always encouraged me to look at myself first to see what I could change, before I could expect my horse to change.  These are very wise words that have stuck with me through all of my endeavours, and it does not even come close to the influence that she had on our entire club.
  When I look back at my time in 4-H, the first thing I think of is Sandy and how much of an influence she was.  She was so happy and positive, creating an enjoyable, learning environment that nobody could help but love.  I am a much better horsewoman as well as person because of Sandy, and the more kids that are exposed to her influence, the better.  Sandy Mills is by far the best leader I could have ever asked for, and I believe that my 4-H experience would not have been the same without her.

Danielle Guina





He helped me to not control things...


My experience with the horse I was using was amazing. He helped me not to control things as if they were in my own hands. He helped me realize to focus on other people's wants and needs . He taught me to keep a positive attitude throughout my  struggles and confusion. Take a deep breath and let it all go is a very helpful strategy. Stay positive and live a great life!

Haven M

June 2016



...providing me with insight...

As a recently transplanted easterner in Calgary, with direct ties to a cattle farm, I decided it would be a great idea to learn to ride. The trouble is I am afraid of large animals both with and without horns!


Lucky for me Sandy Mills was living on the farm at the time and offered to provide riding lessons. Sandy is a very skilled trainer. She took the time to help me feel more comfortable around horses, providing me with insight into what concerns a horse and how it communicates. I learned how to behave around horses and how to care for them. It was not long before Sandy had taught me well enough that I was able to actually get on and eventually ride on my own.


Sandy built my confidence and taught me to ride. Something I never really thought possible. My only complaint is Sandy moved too far away for me to continue my lessons! I highly recommend Sandy as riding instructor.



Lucy Cross




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