Create Your Life Coaching with Life Coach Sandy Mills Certified Points of You Trainer, and Equine Assisted Learning
Create Your Life Coaching with Life Coach Sandy Mills Certified Points of You Trainer, and Equine Assisted Learning

About Sandy...

...what makes Sandy a great coach is that she listens intently, not just to what is being said; but to what is NOT being said.

Sandy has the ability to assist her clients in chiseling away what doesn't serve them until they can hold the chisel with their once bound hand and do the work themselves.

*She teaches people to "self-coach".
*She empowers a person to take responsibilty for their own actions and outcomes. She challenges them to detach from other peoples outcomes.
*Not only does she hold the client accountable, she also trains them with life skill tools to carry them forward into having greater life experiences.

Why hire a Life Coach...?

Have you heard the saying by Woody Allen "80% of your success in life is just showing up!"?...well if you happen to be one of those people that likes to give 80-100%...then you are well on your way.  A Life Coach is a great choice to accelerate your journey.


How about a Life Coach that also teaches Life Skills woven into coaching sessions?..., and offers sessions and workshops with Points of You Coaching Tools and Games?...and Equine Assisted Learning Sessions and workshops...?

This is all in the tool box of skills accumulated since 2002 to assist in "whatever it takes" for you to achieve your growth.


Coaching Options...

These can be separate or blended...

With the Tools...

These are Life Skill Tools that will change your outcome. They are great treasures to pay forward in you life.

Just this one tool is like a "fork" in my life...I use it everyday!

With the Horses..

When a group of teeneage girls each has a profound take-away from my first clinic...I am "sold" for life. Our horses "coached" each person respectively and created absolute amazement in each situation. This is new for me...but old news for them.

With the Games...

Used by NASA, Google, Cirque du Soleil, L'Oreal....these games use photo therapy to evoke change and resolve team dysfunctions.

Tools developed for inspiration, learning and development.


Hello Sandy:


After your coaching regarding “manifesting” my goals and dreams, I decided to give it a try.  I will be honest….when you were coaching me about it, I was only really buying in at about 50% but I thought I would give it a go.  This was my outcome:


I wanted to attend the 2017 Women in Ag Conference.  I manage our family dairy farm and this would be an amazing conference to attend.  The conference is not a fashion show but rather a business management training opportunity for women in agriculture.  I proceed with“manifesting” attending the conference with funding.  I put forth great effort into acquiring funding.  After contacting the MOAL, many ag producer associations, agricultural funding organizations, my MLA, even Women in Agriculture Conference itself, I was politely turned down by every organization that I contacted.  Feeling a little down, I decided that maybe I wasn’t going to get funding but I was willing to pay the price to attend regardless.  My husband and I decided that the farm should cover the cost for me to attend the conference.  It was officially confirmed that this “manifestation” thing was hogwash!


After much thought and disappointment, I went onto the website to register and provide my credit card number to cover the cost of the conference.  The website kept jamming so I phoned the phone number listed on the website.  The Women in Ag representative that answered the phone had never heard of anyone having any problems with the website.  She said that I could just register over the phone.  I provided my information and credit card number and I was officially registered to attend the 2017 Women in Ag Conference.  Now feeling excited that I was actually attending, I was still a bit concerned about the cost.  She asked me how I heard about the conference.  I replied that I had seen it on Facebook.  She asked if I knew of any organizations that she could contact to promote the conference to the women in agriculture within the province of BC.  Don’t I ever!  I said “I can help you with that”!  As a producer (and a women in Ag) in BC, I can contact all of these BC Agricultural organizations to request that they promote this conference.  Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario all have funding available.  Saskatchewan even organizes an entire tour bus to transport women to the conference!  Our province should be promoting and providing funding for this as well.  I then asked the Women in Ag Conference representative “If I put some time into this and I contact organizations to request they promote this as well as provide some funding, would you give me a free seat in your conference”?  She didn’t even hesitate “Yes we will….I will not process your credit card, you have a seat in our conference.  I will email you a package to provide to your contacts regarding the particulars of the conference.  It is a good thing that our website jammed up on you!”  


I couldn’t believe it!  Yup, I did in fact get funding!!  It is winter time and I just happen to have some time to put into this project.  I’m in!


I used my air miles to get a 100% free return flight to Calgary.  One of my best friends just moved to downtown Calgary and she has a guest room with my name on it.  BAM….I manifested funding for the conference.  My expenses would have been about $1,200.  It ended up costing me 2 taxi fares to the hotel and back!


Yes, Sandy Mills…It is very possible to “manifest” your life!  I look forward to working with you!


Pattie Babij

Jan 2017



A Note from Sandy

I was in my own way....

The more training and coaching I put behind myself the more I realize that the most important factors in actually creating desired change in our life are often emotionally painful, yet brief under trained guidance.

For myself it was the combination of my fabulous Life Coach and a talented EFT Practitioner that brought me through painful blocks that I had no idea even existed. These blocks were stopping me from using the law of attraction to its fullest potential. I was in my own way. Once I cleared these blocks I was able to enjoy the abundance waiting to show up. Also, I was able to learn on an even deeper level the amazing experiential training I was blossoming in through Peak Potentials Training. I received thousands and thousands of dollars within 30 days. The blocks were certainly clear!

Clear to Create...

I believe that we have to go deep to clear the space. Clear to create. Those pesky blocks that stop us. I call them festering slivers. If a person is willing to "cut to the chase" with full support; we can mosy right through the "layers" (onion, shale, coal to have probably heard them all) and get to the root of the problem. The sliver...and the festering infection around it. Clear to create.


"Our roots create our fruits" T.Harv Eker


I believe that our roots are virtue based and this is where we go in a Clear to Create Coaching Session, deep down each root to see what the blockage is. Not surprising to me is that the diagrams I draw to represent this journey through the roots appear like tumors...yech! What if clearing to create also eliminates stress and dis-ease? The next step is to "fill" the freshly cleared space with what you want to invite into your life! Now the Power of Intention, Law of Attraction has a better chance of working! It's like reversing the polarity of your magnet!

“Blame Yourself and Change Your Life"

The real change can only be facilitated by each of us, individually...leaning into the process at 100% and taking full responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions as we proceed. If a client relies on a coach, therapist, etc. as a crutch then they will have trouble ditching that crutch. I coach clients to coach themselves so they do not rely on me at all. This is an extra special feeling of freedom that my life coach gave me, so I pay it forward. It doesn't mean that I don't require coaching still, because I certainly do. It means that the between times look more like me creating my own happiness rather than relying on or blaming others. This sounds kind of rude but I like to say “Blame Yourself and Change your life” . It really means is that taking responsibility for our life and we have created is a huge leap toward being in control of what we want to create in our future.

Metamorphis hurts. It works for butterflies and it worked for me.

Not all change has to hurt but if you are stubborn like me, or like I used to be;  it takes a few rounds to get it through my head. I changed. It hurt. I am worth it. Now I am attracting and manifesting something different....easier for me. The rough roads I have been down give me a solid footing in 'relating' to pain in others. It's authentic. I have quite possibly taken the longest road available on my journey thus far,...for reasons always unfolding and yet to, I have had a very eventful life and from my experiences, I am here to help those willing to take a short cut to what they are reaching for. I choose to pay it forward, you can learn from my mistakes. When I was apprenticing as a horse trainer in 1990 after taking Equine Sciences in college, the amazing trainer I was working under was a master, inducted into the Cowhorse Hall of Fame in 2005. He taught me to learn from his years of mistakes, just trust him in his direction. I did. It worked and now I coach the same way. Coincidentally he was the first to person to give me a "self-help" (as they were called) book that I dove into like a college student, processing every word, doing the work and writing out each exercise. The book? "Power of Winning". I still reference it. He gave me a lifeline that I am still connected to and grateful for. I was able to hang a shingle as a horse trainer, and supplement my income, as a Park Ranger, enough to buy myself a house and acreage for my horses. Wait until you hear the story about when I SOLD that house!

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