Life Coach Sandy Mills
Life Coach Sandy Mills

  Learn valuable educational skills that you can reference for life. Connect with Sandy through Facebook: "Life Coach Sandy Mills" to stay up to date with her latest video lessons.

Life Skills Coach...

Sandy is  a Life Skills Coach anchored by deep roots from a positive childhood.  Her family farm was where the neighbors and cousins felt welcome to gather in the summers to play. She grew up on horses, the beach , dirt bikes, ski-doos and  skis. But that's not what makes her a great coach....

Opportunities to Coach with Sandy...

With the Horses...come try it out.

Equine Assisted Learning is very familiar to some yet vastly unheard of by many. It's a growing modality to explore and learn how to grow relationships with animals and people. The horses assist in discovering traits about ourselves we may have not known existed...or just couldn't quite put our finger on. If you are curious about what might be stopping you, or why you have a recurring theme in your life that coaches and councilors cant seem to help you extract....try EAL.


A couple of my fabulous mentors:
Wendy Elrick in Vernon BC

Helen Russell near Enderby BC



With the Life Skill Tools

The power in one to one 1:1 coaching sessions is actually measureable and reportable. When people show up 100% this experience is life changing...


With the Games...

Sandy is a certified trainer with the internationaly known Points of You Coaching Game being used by NASA, Google, Cirque du Soleil and many others around the world to improve there leadership, productivity, critical thinking, decision making, interviewing and any other cognitive or affective issues. The games are highly effective and transform to each situations requirements. The possibilities are endless.

In Their Own Words..... actual fact it was my own ego and pride...


I have known Sandy for years and had recently reconnected. When Sandy explained to me she was a Life Coach, I was intrigued because I really had no idea what that was. I watched how she lived her life with passion and intention and decided I would try a Points of You Coaching Game session with Sandy, having no idea where it would lead me next. I went into that first session feeling pretty confident that I could see all my blind spots and that the session would flow with ease. Wow was I wrong, within that first session Sandy pointed out some of my blind spots. That first session was the hardest, I was angry, offended and defensive and quite surprised by the array of emotions that was stirring up within. I had left thinking to myself “wow, I won’t be doing that again”. Sandy reached out over a course of a few days, but I was too raw so I just avoided her, however the seed of change was already planted.

Slowly over the course of month or so, my eyes started seeing these blind spots that Sandy mentioned and my attitude started to change. It wasn’t Sandy, who was “offending” me, but in actual fact it was my own ego and pride and as I started to let her go I had made space for healing and transformation to occur. I eventually made another appointment with Sandy and the growth that occurred took off like wildfire.

Coaching with Sandy has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life. It is not often, in fact sometimes ever, that you can sit down and get completely present with yourself, and have someone be there to LISTEN to everything your thinking and feeling. And then in addition to just listening, help to empower you with the tools that you need to deal with the challenges life throws your way and work out what you really want and need from a situation.

Sandy coached me through some of rawest reflections I have made in my life so far, and it was because of her guidance and support that I was able to get out of my own way and let go of what no longer served me. I am now living a bold life that I love and will continue to use what I have learned from my coaching for years to come


Krystal Fergus, RN, GAPS Practitioner, Reiki Instructor



...can be felt across the world...

I am so thankful to have Sandy in my life as a guidance, mentor and friend.  Sandy has an amazing energy and light that can be felt across the world, from Canada to Australia.  I speak with confidence and gratitituidy in saying Sandy's coaching has changed my life into something I used to think was only a dream.  She has a natural guiding and teaching ability that is complimented with her strong intuition and powerful heart.  Sandy is one of the kindest ladies I have met and her devotion to helping others excell in their life is amazing.  She has wonderful advice and useful tools for opening minds and hearts.  Every time I communicate with Sandy whether it be via phone, email or text, I feel uplifted by her energy.  Few people I have met radiate in such a way and I believe Sandy is a true gift as an inspiration and mentor.   

Paige C

Pursue Victory



I was haunted by an event...

Equine Therapist/Life Coach
Finding someone who is naturally gifted at blending the abilities needed to bring people and horses together to discover, heal, face fears, and learn, is truly rare.
Sandy has worked hard throughout her life to develop advanced communication skills and a bond with horses, which is her foundation for blending the genuine love she has for both. Miracles happen when Sandy brings the two elements together.
Just recently Sandy helped me to clear space in my life. I was haunted by an event that happened to me when I was very young. It held a shadow of guilt and shame over me for years that has stopped me from trusting and being real. In an hour, Sandy guided me through a process to make room for miracles in my life.
I still have to work everyday to keep that space clear but now I don't feel alone. It is not something I could have done on my own.
Thank you Sandy for listening and not giving up on me.

C Mills



I like to coach people to eventually "self-coach", trust your gut,...connect with your intuition. After all... taking responsibility for your life is one of the most vulnerable and powerful tools you can "own".

Free "Discovery Call"

Let's chat to find out if we make a good team to accelerate your process of building that new bridge your style....your design...your foundation. Creating the blueprint is fun!



Do You...

Do you hear "Be the change you wish to see in the world"...

...and wonder how to start..?

I believe that it starts with us taking care of ourselves, being accountable and learning some life skills that perhaps, we did not learn in school. If you are always giving from an empty bucket the results are often unfulfilling.

Do you crave authenticity in your life?

 You know you are an honest person with great intentions yet can't quite put your finger on why it isn't easier.

Do you feel like you are 'surviving' on what has been dealt to you?

 Would you like to burn that bridge and build your own? ..or perhaps dismantle and save the parts that serve you to repurpose them into the foundation of your new bridge?

Are you curious what might be stopping you?

A perfect start...awareness. Let the sessions create the space for the answers to show up.

Life Skills Training, combined with Life Coaching tools and games creates an educated foundation for answers to these questions.

Create Your Life Coaching with Life Coach Sandy Mills. North Okanagan, British Columbia.

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